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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. CCTV systems usually involve a fixed communications link between cameras and monitors.  This linked system of cameras offers a variety of lens options with full pan, tilt, and zoom, operated remotely from a control room.

These CCTV systems can range from the straightforward to the sophisticated (IP Video Surveillance).  Features can include night vision, computer assisted operation, and motion detection facilities which allows the operator to instruct the system to go on red alert when anything moves in view of the cameras.

Closed circuit video surveillance systems can help you better deter theft, detect those fraudulent liability claims and document events so your entire business can be more protected. They can also be used as a tool to help improve employee productivity and numerous other business efficiencies.

Vision Security Service’s wide range of video surveillance products has been carefully developed and has the flexibility to meet the most challenging applications. The range has been compiled to include products from some of best suppliers in Australia, including Pacific Communications, Ness Security Wholesalers, Security Merchants, ADI Global Distribution and Vision IP Surveillance.